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Tool Production

Precision Mold Building
RZM has been building the most complex, precision molds since 1995. RZM’s Tooling Division is an innovative precision tooling and mold making facility that is fully integrated with RZM’s in-house design and production services. Speed and accuracy are driven by machining center robotics, the latest in CAD and CAM technologies and highly skilled toolmakers. Product design changes are communicated electronically, in real time to the machine programmers who are shaping the steel. RZM’s toolroom is staffed on nights and weekends.

Mold Build Specialists

● Production Multicavity Molds 
● Quick Change Molds 
● Insert Molds 
● Multiple Slide Action Molds 
● Precision CNC Machining 
● Custom Wire and Ram CNC EDM 
● Close Tolerance Spare Tooling 
● Unlimited Close Knit Subcontracted Resources for Large Projects 

Design and Development

● Production Quality Prototypes 
● Hard Milled Prototypes 
● Expandable and Interchangeable Tooling 
● Stripper and Floating Cavity Plate Molds 
● Hot Runner System 
● Shuttle and Insert Molds 
● Unscrewing Molds 

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